28 Aug

Covered in pooh at 8.22am this morning… LOL.

Friday’s are Daddy Day Care Day!

At 8am Victoria leaves to do her work with the NHS and
the various clients that she has.

She works with mentally ill people, to help them get back
into work and she also does some work with the charity
MacMillan now as well.

So, on a Friday morning, all hell breaks loose!!

And this morning was no different.

It was going swimmingly well. Until about 8.22am.

Until just after breakfast…

When Eadie (our 5 month old daughter) was not a happy

She’d finished breakfast, yet started to cry.

Not a clue, so I decided to see if a Daddy cuddle would help.

And at this point, I discovered why she wasn’t happy.

She was wet. My hands were wet…

And in a moment of panic, I discovered it was the wrong kind
of wet. It was pooh!!

All over her, all over the seat, all over my hands.

Oh sh1t!

No text book or military training can prepare you for this.

You’re on your own, no backup to call. No help within a 15 min
driving distance.

Back to the wall kind of sh1t… literally!

And do you know what?…

I managed to clear it all up, clean Eadie and make her laugh in
the process.

Not bad I thought to myself. A pat on the back (with clean hands).

I had no other choice.

Victoria wasn’t coming home until about 3.30 this afternoon!

It had to be done.

And I did it.

And we’ve had a great day, playing, reading, watching a bit of TV.
Bouncing, playing with the dogs, walking around the garden.

A real switch off for me and great Daddy-Daughter time for her.

Do I need to make the points, I’m getting at here?…

OK, for the not-so-quick, here we go.

When our backs are to the wall, it’s amazing what we can achieve.

I’m not talking about cleaning up pooh here. That’s easy.

I’m talking about putting ourselves in a position where you have
no other choice. No plan B. You’ve got to do it…

Or you go back to that job you hate.
You work the next 10-20-30 years.
You live in poverty during retirement.

Whatever your reason, whatever your drive… you know why!

It’s what I did to myself. I saw myself working that job (that I
hated) for the next 2, 5, 10 years… and I wanted OUT…

That was my plan B. And it was all the motivation I needed to
do something about it.

And the other point…

Well, it’s even more important I think. Certainly now that I’m a
Dad… and can experience it first-hand.

You see, I’m in my office right now. Writing this.

I can actually hear Eadie and Victoria playing downstairs.

I can pop down there at any moment.

And I can do this pretty much every day…

I work from home and I put my family and my lifestyle first.

So many parents just run around all week, working for
someone else.

Spend the weekend recovering… only to do it all again.

I mean, seriously. Why?

It’s because they have no idea. No clue there is another
way. Like I didn’t, until I started searching.

Until I found the internet…

Until I found the way out.

And I’ll share the EXACT system with you below. If you’re
ready that is. I’ll leave that part up to you…

Talk soon,


16 Dec

I’m ready for 2015… Are you? (Fast Start available)

So, I’ve just about shaken off this cold now.

It really hit me for 6!

I don’t usually get colds or man flu! But I’m back now… and ready for the New Year already.

And my question to you today is a simple one?

Are you? Are you ready for 2015?

Are you ready to make this year (2015) your best ever?…

I have so much planned for the New Year.

So many new projects, additions to what I’m already doing and some cool announcements to come over the next few days and weeks as well.

So, look out for those (all very exciting stuff!).

But, let me bring you right up to date with what I’ve been able to achieve this year.

Because a lot of what I do I don’t tend to shout about too much.

There are some headline figures and numbers that I tell people about – with regard to specific income streams…

But what I do behind the scenes is where the magic happens!

It’s how I’ve been able to build a property portfolio of 31 properties in my spare time…

And how I balance short, medium and long-term income streams by design – lifestyle design.

But, more on this another time.

What I want to tell you about in this email is how I generate income online.


How I managed to pull in $85k in one month, working on my own, with no staff.

And then, the following month, over $72k in just one weekend!

(With sales still coming in from that weekend.)

You see, I have designed my business to run the way I want it to.

I don’t sit in my office all day, every day, answering phones, speaking to staff, making things happen!

No way!

That was my previous life. A life that I hated – where my phone would rarely stop ringing. Even when I was on holiday.

So when I started my own online business I built it and “designed it” with lifestyle in mind…

It hasn’t always gone to plan and just a short time ago I found myself creating a bit of a monster – with staff, overheads and even an office!

But I very quickly moved away from that model when I noticed what was happening. (Easily done if you don’t follow the design.)

It wasn’t what I wanted at all… and I realised it in time.

And I went back to my lifestyle model.

One where I was free to live my life on my terms and pull in money from the internet – on demand!

Which I’d like to show you. And share with you.

And right now, I’m looking to design your business for 2015.

Whether you have time, little time or no time to get started…

Whether you can start small or start big.

I can work with you and design the right business for you.

$1k per month, $10k per month or even $100k per month businesses.

I’ve run them all and I work with students and lots of colleagues that do these numbers as well…

But it’s important that we design the business first.

It’s no good making these numbers if you don’t enjoy it.

If you have don’t have time to enjoy it!

Or, if you can’t replicate it many times over…

So, let’s have a chat this week, design your ideal home-based business for 2015…

And then get you started – ready for the New Year.

Click on this link to open up my Fast Start Consultation form. Complete the form and then I’ll schedule a call with you asap.

Right now, I’m looking to work with just 10 people on this. So make sure you do this right now…

And we can then speak this week to design your business, your income streams and your 2015.

31 Oct

Please Chris, just make a decision…

Today, I’m going to have a bit of a rant.

And it’s important that you read why, because it’ll give you an insight into the mind of someone that DOES things, and gets them done…

And can spend his Friday afternoon playing golf with Dad. i.e. me!

And someone that doesn’t take action, or hasn’t yet anyway… (watch this space)…

You see, yesterday evening I get (yet another) email from Chris. Chris has been emailing me for about 4 months now… (I just checked – 4 months worth of questions).

Each time asking pretty much the same questions about the business.

What can I earn from this?

How quickly can I get started?

Will you help me?

What happens if in one months time it hasn’t worked for me?

(And I could go on!!)

Usually I try to help anyone and everyone and if you’ve ever sent me an email you’ll know that I’m pretty darn quick to respond.

It’s something that I always promised I would do if I was ever in a position to help others – mainly due to the fact that I had to wait 3-4 days for a response from my mentor when I first started online and it drove me crazy!

But yesterday, I’d pretty much had enough…

I was looking at all of my previous replies to Chris and I just thought to myself, this guy is never going to do anything!

So, my reply was short and sweet this time!

“Your questions, all of them, will be answered once you get started. As for how quickly you can start, well, I can see that you’ve wasted 4 months already so not sure on this one.”

I just wanted Chris to make a decision.

Just like I did when I first started looking at this business, and just like many of my millionaire friends did as well.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand if you have questions. I did when I first started looking at the business, but at some point, you need to pull the trigger.

You need to start… You need to trust someone and get going.

Otherwise, you’ll be weeks, months, years down the line… and it might even be too late for you then!

So, what happened?

Well, nothing yet.

But I’ll keep you posted on any responses from Chris. Heck, he might even be reading this now…

What happened for me?… Someone that’s decisive, does research and due diligence quickly and acts fast…

Well, things happen. I make them happen.

And, if you think I’ve been quiet for the last week or so… it’s because I’ve been working on something. Something that’s bigger than I ever conceived and I can’t wait to share it with you.

It’s something that I’ve been working on for the last few months…

And it’s almost ready for you now.

Quick update from Chris. Looks like he read my email and my rant…


If you want to get started with iPas, like Chris, click here now

16 Oct

98% of the world just won’t get this…

I remember when I first started out.

Looking for something, anything, that worked.

I’ll admit it. I was desperate…

I used to phone Victoria (now my wife) pretty much every day on my lunch break!

“I can’t do this any more. This job is destroying me” (or words to that effect!).

But, we had no choice.

We needed the money – to pay the mortgage, to pay the bills…

So, I couldn’t just walk away.

Whatever it was I was going to do, I was going to have to do it in my spare time…

Evenings, weekends, whatever I could find!

And build it up that way.

But, here’s the CRUCIAL point and possibly why I succeeded so much quicker than most people.

Are you ready?

Here it is…

I didn’t tell anybody what I was doing.

I didn’t say “I’d setup a new internet business”.

“I’m trying this new thing”.

To anyone!

Victoria knew, and that was it.

You see, early on I’d realised that seting up a business, thinking the way that WE do… is not
for everyone.

In fact, 98% of people out there just wouldn’t get it…

Even if you showed them the money coming in!

They don’t have the mindset, the entrepreneur spirit, or reason to change.

(You need at least one or all of these!)

And realising this was key!

It meant that I decided not to tell anyone, because I didn’t need the constant questions…

I knew it was going to take time to get up and running.

And I knew that at every opportunity my friends (and possibly my family) would try and sew doubt
into my mind, because they simply didn’t understand.

So, this is my advice for today.

Don’t tell anyone, unless they show genuine interest in what you are working on.

I remember speaking with Victoria’s uncle a few months before I really made it online.

I saw him a few months ago and we were talking about it.

He said that I was speaking to him as if I’d already done it. My vision was clear, I’d be making 10k per
month within a few months.

“Definite purpose”

Vision… and a clear goal…

And I did it. And that was just the start!

In fact, my biggest month online (to date) is $324k.

In one month.

Tell that to someone that doesn’t think like us, and I think their head might just explode…

They wouldn’t be able to comprehend that!

But you can. And now you know to keep it quiet as well.

You don’t need the questions.

The don’t need people sewing any negative thoughts into your head.

There’s enough outside negative influence we have to repel as it is…

And I want you to focus 100% on you and your business.

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you today… and I trust that you enjoyed this little insight into where
I have some from…

And the battles that I had with my mind, my mindset, other people, and even my family thinking I was “crazy”
when I quit my job!

Until next time,


Internet Millionaire
Property Millionaire
Millionaire Mentor & Coach

One of the good guys that gives a %$x! and wants to help others…

P.S. If you haven’t yet booked your Fast Start call with me, then you can do this below:

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04 Aug

What will you change today?

What will YOU change today – to ensure you succeed?…

We all want success, but there are only a few that actually go out and make sure it happens to them. I’m talking about no plan B here. You are going to make it – whatever!

When I first started in business I absolutely hated my job. It was destroying me. Every day I would phone Victoria and tell her that I needed to quit. I couldn’t do this any more…

But she would tell me that we couldn’t. We had a mortgage to pay, credit cards to service… and so it went on…

Me, hating my job. Me, buying everything that I could get my hands on to try and create a new income stream, a new life for us.

I tried eBay, gambling, trading, forex, all sorts of systems and promises… and I spent thousands, getting nowhere.

BUT, I did not quit.

I kept going… and eventually discovered Internet Marketing… and very quickly it actually made sense, started to work and I could see a light at the end of the tunnel.

But then, we had a huge decision to make.

Into the unknown.

No longer reliant on a salary, but dependant on income that YOU would generate. Exciting and very scary at the same time.

And to make this transition more comfortable I sold my car. I decided that I would work from home and make this sacrifice…

And it gave me a good 3-4 months of “survival money” to give it my best shot.

The truth is that I never needed that money, but it was the safety net that I needed at the time to really go for it.

Many people have the safety net of a job or an income which means they will never truly go for it… and force themselves to succeed.

It’s sad, because there’s potential in all of us… and so much more out there.

Today I wanted to share this, because over the last few days I have seen people driving around in the best car they can afford, but hating and complaining about their job!!

I have seen someone charging £2 to clean wheelie bins!!

And I have spoken to one particular person that annoyed the heck out of me. He spoke to his friends and they told him that it won’t work… Just imagine if I’d checked this with my friends – all those years ago.

In fact, my parents thought I was crazy when I quit my job!!… and were very concerned for me. LOL.

What sacrifice are you making TODAY?

29 May

I started online out of desperation (my story)

Today I just wanted to share a story with you.

About how I got started online.

Because I think it’s very important.

You might even be able to relate to this.

Here we go…

Before I started my journey online, I was stuck in a job that I hated.

The funny thing was that I’d worked my way up, always thinking it would change when I got that promotion.

And got that job title that I’d been dreaming of!

But it didn’t…

In fact, it was worse!

Longer hours, more hassle and I remember numerous lunch breaks where I would tell Victoria that I just couldn’t carry on.

“I couldn’t do this job anymore!”

But we were stuck.

We had bills to pay, mortgages, credit cards to service… the usual stuff of a 9-5 employed person.

And it’s this desperation that prompted me to start looking elsewhere.

Looking around at anything and everything.

And I started buying systems, business models, you name it I bought it and tried it!

Not knowing who to trust, no knowing what was BS and what was real…

I just went blindly at it… and bought everything!

Until I discovered this thing called Internet Marketing…

And things began to change.

I could actually SEE this business model working.

Even before it had started to work for me.

And as a result…

My mindset changed.

I had belief that I could actually change my life, control my life.

You know, the kind of care-free belief that we have as a kid… and then somehow lose as “real life” takes hold!

Bills, job, mortgages, debt. You know… That stuff.

But this was different. I had my belief, drive and goals back…

And I got started. I setup websites, started to sell products, make money, pay off debts.

I kept it very quiet at first. I didn’t want people to know…

I didn’t know how they’d react either.

And then I couldn’t hide it!

Flash cars, new houses, amazing holidays.

It all happened so fast.

And I made a mistake!

I started to spend it, as fast as I was making it.

Understandable of course, but something that I now teach to my new students as well.

When you start making money, make it work for you.

Put your money to work.

Yes, enjoy it. But don’t spend it all!

It’s something that I have learnt and now pass on.

And right now, I’m sat here writing this to you in a fantastic hotel room.

I’m away right now. I travel a lot… and take my business with me whenever I do travel.

It’s a great way to run a business and even better…

I’ve just received an email telling me about a $1,200 commission I’ve just made and that’s cool.

Look, here it is. I’ve blanked out a few bits in the email for security. I’m the UK to explain the time that came in as well…

$1,200 commission just came in!

I make a lot of these right now…

The internet has changed. It’s got a lot easier if you ask me.

But the problem for most is that they don’t know who to trust, which system to buy…

Or, maybe you’ve already bought into lots of systems that just haven’t worked (like I did when I first started).

It’s very common. It’s nothing to be ashamed about.

What you must NOT do is quit. You must keep going, believing in your dream to change your life.

That’s what sets us apart… Not quitting.

And with this in mind, I want to help you.

Help you to get started online, no matter what your experience or starting point.

The length of this email should show you that I care about you.

Don’t you receive loads of short, hypey messages every day? I know I do. They don’t care about you.

They just want you to buy the latest product they are promoting!

Only to promote the next latest thing the following day!

Not me. I want to help you.

I spend my time testing new systems, new methods and new business models so that I can share these with you.

To create success stories.

And right now, I want to get you started with mttb.

I’m making huge commissions with this.

And I’m looking for 10 new students to work with on this right now.

We will be working personally with you – to ensure you get up and running so we’re going to have to limit this to 10…

All of the information is on the page below from Matt:

Any questions, let me know…

And I’ll get back to you asap.


Chris Cobb image


Internet Millionaire
Property Millionaire
Millionaire Mentor & Coach

13 Jan

Think BIG!

Every year we set goals.


Things to work towards, aim for, and achieve.

I always set goals and it’s something that ONLY 5% of people in the world actually do… which I find amazing…

And I’m not talking New Year’s Resolutions here. Most of those have failed within the first 10 days of a new year!

I’m talking real goals.

And as you’re reading this now I want you to think BIG.

Not paying off some debts, buying a bigger house, or owning that dream car…

BIGGER than that.

Because that’s what the Internet allows you to do.

Make more in a month than you’ve made in a year before.

Make more in a day, than most people make in a month!…

And even make more over a 2-3 hour period than most people make in a year!

I’ve done that. Over $55,000 in about 90 minutes to be precise… and it’s an amazing feeling when you do that I can tell you.

It’s not something that you can just do though. It needs to be learnt, you need to start, you need to build it up… and then you can enjoy paydays like this…


It’s all about leverage and automation.

And when you truly “get it”… and understand this… you’ll never look at anything else ever again.

Because it just makes sense.

Making money online, automated income and what we do and teach just makes sense…

For example, how would you like:

A business that you can automate 90% and even more if you want to!

A business that you can operate from home and from anywhere in the world…

And a business that you can make millions from – when you think BIG!

This is what I’m talking about here and it’s what I’ll be showing you step-by-step in my AIS Home Study Course.

If you’re not already a member then make sure you join this today… and I’ll see you on the inside…

29 Oct

Give and you shall receive.

It’s an old adage, but is it true?

Well, in terms of the Internet and marketing online I would have to say yes.

Let me explain…

You see, over the years that I’ve been an online marketer there have been times when I just go out and sell.

I have a time limited offer, or a certain number of products or places that need filling.

And this can often be a full-blown sales pitch when this happens.

Very little content. It’s all about the urgency, the limited number of places/products… and the sale.

And, this is not a bad thing.

Every now and then you can do this.

But, what you ALSO need to do is to send value to your list.

So, if it’s a marketing list, marketing help and advice.

If it’s a weight loss list, then tips and advice on weight loss.

Bottom line is that you can’t just sell to your list – all of the time.

You need to be adding value… and that value is what creates relationships.

It’s what creates the open rate (the number of people actually opening your emails and reading them!)…

And ultimately click-throughs on your links.

A good example of this is my blog. It is adding value, it is telling a story… it is also training and educating readers, rather than selling.

So, if you don’t have a blog in your chosen market or field then you really should have one.

It’s a great way to build relationships with people, keep them informed about your latest offer, or even the limited number of products/places!…

But done in the right way.

You can still build a list and point your list to the blog… and when they like what they read they will read more.

When they read more, they will click on your links and buy.

Give… and you shall receive.

We are using wordpress for this blog, but we have found a much easier/better blogging platform to use and you can have a look at all of the information about this here:

CLICK HERE to see the Blogging Platform and the 1k System…

19 Jul

How To Build Monthly Revenue…

I apologise for being so quiet on my blog recently.

I’ve been taking it easy, making family a priority for a number of reasons and now I’m back.

So here’s some of the good advice you can expect from me…

Let’s get to it.

One of the best changes that I made to my business a few years ago was to change the focus towards monthly recurring products.

This means that I don’t actually need to sell every day!

Instead, I build up monthly revenue over time and cash flow is NEVER a problem.

Now, imagine this for just a second…

Imagine you get 10 paying customers into your business.

If you are selling just one product (not a monthly product) at $50, or $100, then you make a one-off sale or commissions.

It is income and probably profit (depending on your traffic source) but it is only one-off and you have to go and do it again!

What if this was a monthly recurring product?

And what if it was just $25 per month…

10 new customers would mean a nice $250 per month income, assuming they all stick with you (and they will if you are selling good products and helping people out).

And then you could build this to 20, 30 and even 40 monthly paying customers…

I’ve done this with numerous projects and products and it’s just so much easier to manage and build a business this way.

For example, even if you break even with your marketing you are actually building a profitable business!

Monthly paying customers and income is easier to build and manage.

Now, what about $100/month?

This is where it gets interesting!

I’ve actually just added 10 new monthly paying customers in the last few days – all paying $100 per month.

That’s $1,000 per month in recurring / residual income.

And what if I showed you how you could promote these products as well.
Products that you could promote and receive 100% commissions on.

10x $25 / month and 10x $100/month is very achieveable.

I’ve done this in just a few days… and I can help you to do the same.

Even if you are starting from scratch, with no experience, no knowledge, no list… you can still do this.

I started my business from scratch and I’m showing people how to do the same right now…

To see more info on this, go here right now…

Click Here – TenTenFormula

And I promise to send you lots more updates over the coming weeks.


31 Dec

Step-by-step… You CANNOT do this all at once…

Below is a picture of something that I have been working on for some time. It is not in any way related to marketing, the internet, a business, but in many ways is actually is!

You see, for the past few months I have been clearing leaves from my garden. Not a very exciting job, but one that I decided I could do very easily, rather than ask a gardener to do it… How wrong I was!!

This was not an easy task and it had to be broken down into small “chunks”. Sections of garden that I needed to clear with a rake and then bag the leaves.

I have finally finished clearing the garden and it took a massive 55 bags to complete.

55 bags of leaves

And here’s the thing.

By breaking this down into small sections and doing about 5-7 bags each time this was a job that became achieveable. I could see myself completing it. I could see a start, a middle and an end to it. And because of this it was in no way daunting.

So, on the Eve of the new year I’d like to “leave” you with this thought…

If your internet business or your plan to change your life is too daunting right now, break it down into small “chunks”, sections, or even smaller goals that you can aim for, strive for, and achieve.

Trying to clear the entire garden in one afternoon is just NOT going to work, just like trying to set-up an entire internet business in one day will not work… You need to make a commitment, to learn something every day, to add something more to your business every week, and to keep moving in the right direction…

I still do this now. I have goals for the new year. I have plans that have been broken down into achieveable tasks or even modules.

And with this said, I would encourage you to start with my Home Study Course if you haven’t already. This was created by me for me, but a me that didn’t know where to start. I have taken all of my knowledge and documented it in a logical order with reports and videos, showing you exactly what needs to be done.

No more information overload, no more daunting tasks that you can’t see yourself completing…

This is step-by-step detailed instructions on exactly what needs to be done in order to set-up an internet business and make money online.

And you can get started with this right here: Home Study Course

I wish you a very happy and prosperous 2013…

Best Wishes,


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