13 Jan

Think BIG!

Every year we set goals.


Things to work towards, aim for, and achieve.

I always set goals and it’s something that ONLY 5% of people in the world actually do… which I find amazing…

And I’m not talking New Year’s Resolutions here. Most of those have failed within the first 10 days of a new year!

I’m talking real goals.

And as you’re reading this now I want you to think BIG.

Not paying off some debts, buying a bigger house, or owning that dream car…

BIGGER than that.

Because that’s what the Internet allows you to do.

Make more in a month than you’ve made in a year before.

Make more in a day, than most people make in a month!…

And even make more over a 2-3 hour period than most people make in a year!

I’ve done that. Over $55,000 in about 90 minutes to be precise… and it’s an amazing feeling when you do that I can tell you.

It’s not something that you can just do though. It needs to be learnt, you need to start, you need to build it up… and then you can enjoy paydays like this…


It’s all about leverage and automation.

And when you truly “get it”… and understand this… you’ll never look at anything else ever again.

Because it just makes sense.

Making money online, automated income and what we do and teach just makes sense…

For example, how would you like:

A business that you can automate 90% and even more if you want to!

A business that you can operate from home and from anywhere in the world…

And a business that you can make millions from – when you think BIG!

This is what I’m talking about here and it’s what I’ll be showing you step-by-step in my AIS Home Study Course.

If you’re not already a member then make sure you join this today… and I’ll see you on the inside…

29 Oct

Give and you shall receive.

It’s an old adage, but is it true?

Well, in terms of the Internet and marketing online I would have to say yes.

Let me explain…

You see, over the years that I’ve been an online marketer there have been times when I just go out and sell.

I have a time limited offer, or a certain number of products or places that need filling.

And this can often be a full-blown sales pitch when this happens.

Very little content. It’s all about the urgency, the limited number of places/products… and the sale.

And, this is not a bad thing.

Every now and then you can do this.

But, what you ALSO need to do is to send value to your list.

So, if it’s a marketing list, marketing help and advice.

If it’s a weight loss list, then tips and advice on weight loss.

Bottom line is that you can’t just sell to your list – all of the time.

You need to be adding value… and that value is what creates relationships.

It’s what creates the open rate (the number of people actually opening your emails and reading them!)…

And ultimately click-throughs on your links.

A good example of this is my blog. It is adding value, it is telling a story… it is also training and educating readers, rather than selling.

So, if you don’t have a blog in your chosen market or field then you really should have one.

It’s a great way to build relationships with people, keep them informed about your latest offer, or even the limited number of products/places!…

But done in the right way.

You can still build a list and point your list to the blog… and when they like what they read they will read more.

When they read more, they will click on your links and buy.

Give… and you shall receive.

We are using wordpress for this blog, but we have found a much easier/better blogging platform to use and you can have a look at all of the information about this here:

CLICK HERE to see the Blogging Platform and the 1k System…

19 Jul

How To Build Monthly Revenue…

I apologise for being so quiet on my blog recently.

I’ve been taking it easy, making family a priority for a number of reasons and now I’m back.

So here’s some of the good advice you can expect from me…

Let’s get to it.

One of the best changes that I made to my business a few years ago was to change the focus towards monthly recurring products.

This means that I don’t actually need to sell every day!

Instead, I build up monthly revenue over time and cash flow is NEVER a problem.

Now, imagine this for just a second…

Imagine you get 10 paying customers into your business.

If you are selling just one product (not a monthly product) at $50, or $100, then you make a one-off sale or commissions.

It is income and probably profit (depending on your traffic source) but it is only one-off and you have to go and do it again!

What if this was a monthly recurring product?

And what if it was just $25 per month…

10 new customers would mean a nice $250 per month income, assuming they all stick with you (and they will if you are selling good products and helping people out).

And then you could build this to 20, 30 and even 40 monthly paying customers…

I’ve done this with numerous projects and products and it’s just so much easier to manage and build a business this way.

For example, even if you break even with your marketing you are actually building a profitable business!

Monthly paying customers and income is easier to build and manage.

Now, what about $100/month?

This is where it gets interesting!

I’ve actually just added 10 new monthly paying customers in the last few days – all paying $100 per month.

That’s $1,000 per month in recurring / residual income.

And what if I showed you how you could promote these products as well.
Products that you could promote and receive 100% commissions on.

10x $25 / month and 10x $100/month is very achieveable.

I’ve done this in just a few days… and I can help you to do the same.

Even if you are starting from scratch, with no experience, no knowledge, no list… you can still do this.

I started my business from scratch and I’m showing people how to do the same right now…

To see more info on this, go here right now…

Click Here – TenTenFormula

And I promise to send you lots more updates over the coming weeks.


31 Dec

Step-by-step… You CANNOT do this all at once…

Below is a picture of something that I have been working on for some time. It is not in any way related to marketing, the internet, a business, but in many ways is actually is!

You see, for the past few months I have been clearing leaves from my garden. Not a very exciting job, but one that I decided I could do very easily, rather than ask a gardener to do it… How wrong I was!!

This was not an easy task and it had to be broken down into small “chunks”. Sections of garden that I needed to clear with a rake and then bag the leaves.

I have finally finished clearing the garden and it took a massive 55 bags to complete.

55 bags of leaves

And here’s the thing.

By breaking this down into small sections and doing about 5-7 bags each time this was a job that became achieveable. I could see myself completing it. I could see a start, a middle and an end to it. And because of this it was in no way daunting.

So, on the Eve of the new year I’d like to “leave” you with this thought…

If your internet business or your plan to change your life is too daunting right now, break it down into small “chunks”, sections, or even smaller goals that you can aim for, strive for, and achieve.

Trying to clear the entire garden in one afternoon is just NOT going to work, just like trying to set-up an entire internet business in one day will not work… You need to make a commitment, to learn something every day, to add something more to your business every week, and to keep moving in the right direction…

I still do this now. I have goals for the new year. I have plans that have been broken down into achieveable tasks or even modules.

And with this said, I would encourage you to start with my Home Study Course if you haven’t already. This was created by me for me, but a me that didn’t know where to start. I have taken all of my knowledge and documented it in a logical order with reports and videos, showing you exactly what needs to be done.

No more information overload, no more daunting tasks that you can’t see yourself completing…

This is step-by-step detailed instructions on exactly what needs to be done in order to set-up an internet business and make money online.

And you can get started with this right here: Home Study Course

I wish you a very happy and prosperous 2013…

Best Wishes,

05 Oct

Are you putting it off?

I wanted to let you know about something that I’ve recently done. It’s something that I have talked about, thought about and even had quotes about over the last 8 or so years…

But, and this is important, I never actually did anything about it!!

What was it?

Well, this week I had braces fitted to my teeth!!

When I was younger, I had 2 milk teeth that just stayed with me. I still have them. I was playing so much football that we decided they would eventually be knocked out by an over aggressive defender, or similar… but it never happened.

I could have had them taken out and implants put it, but I never did.

And here we are. I’m in my mid-thirties and I still have 2 milk teeth!!

And that’s not everything. My teeth are not straight.

And I have hated my teeth for years… and talked about doing something about it for years as well.

And here’s the thing. If I HAD done something 2, 3, 4 years or more ago… it would have been done. My teeth would have been straightened. My milk teeth gone and replaced, or the gap closed up by braces…

It would have been a box that I had ticked.

But, I didn’t. It hasn’t happened.

In fact, I have only just started along that road…

But, importantly, I have started.

Now that I have started, it is something that will be completed.

And I hope you are seeing my point here. It might be braces and my teeth, but this could so easily be your business, your mortgage, your credit card bill, your golf swing, learning to swim, your gym membership, learning to drive… whatever it is that you are putting off today!!

My teeth will be straight in about 18 months from now. They could already be straight now!!

Just some food for thought… My teeth hurt right now, so I’m eating soup at the moment!!

Whatever it is you have been putting off, keep smiling!!

Until next time…

11 Jun

Perseverance is the key…

Last week I had an email from someone on my list that made me both angry and laugh at the same time. Not something that’s easy to do!!
The gist of the email was “it’s alright for you Chris, you’ve made your money.”
(The email was a lot longer than that, but this is the point that I want to highlight.)
Now, here’s the thing.
Yes, I’ve made money. BUT, I have also lost a lot of money, I have tried many things, I have worked on many projects… and I have never given up…
So now, today, I know exactly what works. I know what not to do as well as what to do… and I’m helping others to do the same.
This is a very important point here.
You need to do one of two things if you want to make it in life:
1.) Go for it. Try everything that you see and try it until it either works or it’s obvious that it’s not going to work… and then try something else. Never give in or give up… or;
2.) Copy someone that has already done point 1. They have already gone through all of the learning curves, all of the pain, all of the stress, worries, troubles, investments of time and money, etc.
For example, I invested over £25,000 into a venture recently that did not work. I lost £16,000 on another project and I have spent thousands on marketing which has only broken even for me. Oh, and I also lost over $27,000 on a US project a couple of years ago.
Did I quit?
No, I kept on going… I worked out what ACTUALLY works. I learnt from other people. I copied other systems… and I never gave up…
So, yes, it is “alright for me”… because I made it so.

08 Feb

Why Most People End Up Working ALL Their Lives…

Today’s post is a very important one. It’s something that I started to do a few years ago and it’s something that has enabled me to semi-retire now – in my thirties!
And most people just don’t get it… or when they do “get it” it’s too late…
What I’m talking about here is “investment”.
I alluded to this in a previous post, but I wanted to add more detail today because I had a lot of emails about it and people wanted more details.
So, here we go.
Firstly, investment can be in many forms. It can be advertising, it can be paying for traffic. It can be offline as well – for example stocks and shares or property.
And today I want to talk about how you can get started. And why you need to start doing it asap…
What most people do is they spend everything they have coming in. I see it all the time. A constant battle to keep up with the Jones’s… and it’s marketers all over the world that are to blame for doing too good a job!!
Let’s say you earn £25,000 pa. What most people will do is they buy the very best car they can afford for the money they have coming in and they stretch to the biggest and best house they can afford to rent or to buy…
At £50k it’s a better car and a bigger house – there is always something dangled in front of you to match your budget.
It’s only natural to want the very best out of life, but so few people realise that this is actually hurting them in the long run!
You see, everything they have coming in has gone out just as fast…
Gone out to pay the mortgage, the rent, the car payments, the holiday they MUST HAVE!
And there’s no money to play with, no surplus cash to invest, or even to start to build a business with.
Sound familiar?
It probably will… I know that I made this mistake.
And even worse, when I was employed, I used credit cards to top up my life as well… so on the surface it seemed that I was doing really well. i.e. nice flat, nice car, but in reality I was going nowhere.
In fact, I was going backwards… because the car was depreciating and the debt was growing!!…
Sound familiar?
It might do, but not everyone goes this far.
I think I might have taken it to the extreme to be honest!! It was only when I couldn’t get any more credit cards or borrow any more money that I realised there was a problem!!
Lesson learned I can tell you…
And this is why I’m now both super cautious and super aggressive when it comes to money and that phrase you really need to understand:
Making YOUR money work for you.
Because this is where it gets exciting. This is where it gets easy and this is where it gets more and more fun.
Because with my money working for me, I do less and less each month and I make more and more.
In fact, I now make money because I have money… so that rumour that we’ve all heard is very true!!
And just to give you an example of this in action, let’s say I make £20k online this month (through my online business), I can then take that £20k and through one of the investment vehicles we have I can make a guaranteed return of £25k in 10 weeks time. i.e. £5k profit just because I have £20k in the first place.
Now, if I do this once per month that’s £5k per month, every month and approx £60k pa.
£60,000 each year, just because I’m putting my money to work. And that’s profit… I still have the original investment back in my account after the 10 weeks!!
And at this figure, why not do another project every other month or even another EVERY month and that brings the income from just this venture up to £120k pa.
Now that’s what I call making your money work for you!!
And another example of this working is my US property portfolio. If you don’t already know, I own 9 properties in the US, which I bought outright for cash back in 2010.
These properties pay me each and every month, so I can use this money to live off… or… you guessed it… I can invest this money into something else. Maybe another property!
The important point here is that it’s possible to make money with the money you are making, but ONLY if you put some aside each week, each month or even each year to “play with”… It’s just not possible to make your money work for you otherwise.
When I started online, this is exactly what I did. I made a commitment to pay for traffic each and every month and this commitment brought me a steady flow of traffic to my websites.
And sometimes it takes a little sacrifice…
It usually means that you can’t drive the very best car that you can actually afford, or maybe you don’t go for the bigger house just yet…
But if you put it off you’ll probably jump a few steps on the ladder anyway, so it’s worth the wait.
In fact, I waited many years before I could justify my new Aston Martin. Note the word justify, not afford. I could have bought one years ago, but I felt that I didn’t have enough money-makers in place to justify it… so I kept investment my money and getting it to work for me…
In fact, I cancelled an order for a Ferrari F430 back in 2010 and I started to invest in US property instead… and what a great decision that was. These properties have not only doubled in value already, but they pay me every month as well!
We also live in a pretty modest house – a 5 bedroom house in the country that is actually quite understated… but again… we will jump 2 or 3 rungs when we can justify this with more automated money-makers… where we put our money to work for us!
Besides, we already own 28 properties around the world, because we haven’t spent all of our money on the very best house and the very best cars that we could afford!!
I hope by now this is making sense or making more sense and you’re getting some ideas about maybe sacrificing something that you really don’t need, or even cancelling that order for your new car…
Either way, this post has been written from personal experience. Experience that I will certainly be passing on to close family, friends, clients and students whenever I can.
I wasted so much money before I realised all this.
After all, it is YOUR money – even if it’s on a credit card or car finance. You are the one that has to pay it back. It does exist and it is real…
Make it work for you, rather than making it hurt you.
And, in short, don’t try and keep up with the Jones’s. They have no clue!
The Jones’s will be struggling to make car payments, trying to keep up with credit card bills and living in the very best house they can possibly afford…
Just one bad month or one unexpected expense and they are in trouble.
Set your sights on big things and the very best things, but take your time and plan ahead… and you’ll get there.

03 Feb

Chris Cobb Featured on Flippa

Check this out – Flippa have just used me as a Case Study:


17 Jan

The ONLY Economy that matters right now – YOURS!

What do you see right now?

Do you see doom and gloom, or do you see opportunity?

If I’m honest, I see nothing but opportunity!

I see now as the time to get filthy rich… and I want to explain why (and how).

But first, some background.

We’ve had it good. We’ve had easy lending, we’ve had “stupid” self certification mortgages and credit that pretty much anyone could get…

Most people took advantage and it’s time to pay it back.

If you didn’t, or if you spent the money on stuff that didn’t make you money, then kick yourself and then read on… All is not lost.

Right now, there are bargains to be had. Stocks, shares, properties, even businesses!… ripe for the picking…

Harsh? Insensitive?

Possibly, but I don’t care.

This website and the list that you have subscribed to are all about making money, so this is what I will be talking about. If you don’t like it, then you can go and subscribe to other lists and let them promote useless ebooks and systems to you!

(Not sure where that rant came from, but it’s off my chest now!)

And now I come to the point of this post.

What you NEED to be doing with your money right now. One word:


Not necessarily in the traditional sense of the word though. Let me explain…

When I first started online, I invested in some training, some products that I could sell and then TRAFFIC. It was one huge investment, most of which I did on a credit card.

So, when I say investing, I invested in training, something to sell and then people to sell it to – in the form of traffic.

And what a great investment that turned out to be!

But it doesn’t and it shouldn’t stop there…

You see, over the years I have seen many people make huge amounts of money, only to squander it, spend it, invest it badly or just screw it up and lose it!

And I’m talking six and seven figure a month businesses here.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent/wasted money in the past myself… I’ve just grown up a lot since then.

And what we do now is very powerful…

I still have my online businesses. I call this my “core business”. But, through this business I am now able to invest in other things – other money-making ventures and even new businesses.

So, what we have now is a business that makes me money. I take this money and invest in property for example. The monthly income that is generated is then invested into another venture or business to grow and grow.

They key here is that much of these income streams are passive. One investment that I started just last week only needed investment from my part. It’s already making £2,500 per month and I plan on doubling this and then doubling it again over the next 4 months.

So, if you haven’t already seen what’s going on:

1.) I make money online
2.) I invest in property through the income that I make online
3.) Profits from property are then reinvested in more property or other ventures…

Making money from the money that I’m making!

And because I make money just one of these ventures will be able to make £120k this year alone, just because I have the money to invest!

From JUST ONE income stream…


And this is a completely passive income stream… and nothing to do with the core business.

If you want to find out how the core business works, how the investments work or if you want to start investing in property just like we do, then contact me through this site or via email.

But for now, the message is short and sweet.

You need to start investing in you. Even if it’s a small amount to start with, make a commitment to start. It can be in anything really, the only criteria is that it MUST make money for you.

Start, start today… It’s amazing where this can take you.

Oh, and if you want to see some pics of my new car I’ve just posted these on this site as well!

It’s a new Aston Martin DBS… paid for from the money that I made, invested, invested and invested again…

Best Wishes,

03 Jan

A Happy New Year message to you…

I wanted to post this message today. A little later than planned, but here we go.

Victoria and I have been seeing in the new year up in the Highlands of Scotland. Lots of walks, great food and a few drinks!

Anyway… enough of that. We’re already in 2012 and I wanted to let you know about some plans that I have for this site and for more frequent updates to my clients and customers this year.

You see, we’ve been busy working behind the scenes on a few projects… and that work is now done so it’s now time to reap the rewards…

For you as well as us!

So look out for these updates.

I’ll be posting some videos, reports and more frequent updates on this site over the coming weeks.

And just before I go. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Best Wishes for 2012,



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