22 Dec

2011 is almost here…

Firstly, let me offer my apologies for not updating my blog for a short while…

You see, I’m getting married soon and as you can imagine there’s plenty to plan and consider!

It’s not exactly a hard life to plan the wedding of Victoria’s dreams….. cake tasting, menu sampling and choosing our favourite champagnes and wines.

But, someone has to do it!!

Importantly, my online business and the fact that I only work 2-3 hours per week from home gives me both endless time and flexibility to easily incorporate all of the wedding planning. In between selecting our honeymoon destinations, I even find time to squeeze in a few rounds of golf each week with my Father in law to be! Although, not much golf recently!!

As we all know, weddings are expensive but thanks to my online business Victoria can have exactly what she wants – no question. My recent projects, like the monster “1k Commission System” have simply been storming sales… and we’re still making on average over $1k per day from ClickBank alone with all of our projects combined.

So, look out for some announcements in January – I’m going to be putting on some more training events for a select few students.

I will be posting these opportunities on my blog and also on my FaceBook pages, so that you won’t miss them…

Best Wishes,


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    Gary Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Not sure where the last quarter of 2010 went and now we are already half way through January 2011 !

    Anyway I hope your wedding went well and I will hopefully catch up with you again in 2011 … I still have lots to get through from last year but I’m making a bit of progress :-)

    All the best,


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