16 Oct

98% of the world just won’t get this…

I remember when I first started out.

Looking for something, anything, that worked.

I’ll admit it. I was desperate…

I used to phone Victoria (now my wife) pretty much every day on my lunch break!

“I can’t do this any more. This job is destroying me” (or words to that effect!).

But, we had no choice.

We needed the money – to pay the mortgage, to pay the bills…

So, I couldn’t just walk away.

Whatever it was I was going to do, I was going to have to do it in my spare time…

Evenings, weekends, whatever I could find!

And build it up that way.

But, here’s the CRUCIAL point and possibly why I succeeded so much quicker than most people.

Are you ready?

Here it is…

I didn’t tell anybody what I was doing.

I didn’t say “I’d setup a new internet business”.

“I’m trying this new thing”.

To anyone!

Victoria knew, and that was it.

You see, early on I’d realised that seting up a business, thinking the way that WE do… is not
for everyone.

In fact, 98% of people out there just wouldn’t get it…

Even if you showed them the money coming in!

They don’t have the mindset, the entrepreneur spirit, or reason to change.

(You need at least one or all of these!)

And realising this was key!

It meant that I decided not to tell anyone, because I didn’t need the constant questions…

I knew it was going to take time to get up and running.

And I knew that at every opportunity my friends (and possibly my family) would try and sew doubt
into my mind, because they simply didn’t understand.

So, this is my advice for today.

Don’t tell anyone, unless they show genuine interest in what you are working on.

I remember speaking with Victoria’s uncle a few months before I really made it online.

I saw him a few months ago and we were talking about it.

He said that I was speaking to him as if I’d already done it. My vision was clear, I’d be making 10k per
month within a few months.

“Definite purpose”

Vision… and a clear goal…

And I did it. And that was just the start!

In fact, my biggest month online (to date) is $324k.

In one month.

Tell that to someone that doesn’t think like us, and I think their head might just explode…

They wouldn’t be able to comprehend that!

But you can. And now you know to keep it quiet as well.

You don’t need the questions.

The don’t need people sewing any negative thoughts into your head.

There’s enough outside negative influence we have to repel as it is…

And I want you to focus 100% on you and your business.

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you today… and I trust that you enjoyed this little insight into where
I have some from…

And the battles that I had with my mind, my mindset, other people, and even my family thinking I was “crazy”
when I quit my job!

Until next time,


Internet Millionaire
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Millionaire Mentor & Coach

One of the good guys that gives a %$x! and wants to help others…

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