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28 Aug

Covered in pooh at 8.22am this morning… LOL.

Friday’s are Daddy Day Care Day! At 8am Victoria leaves to do her work with the NHS and the various clients that she has. She works with mentally ill people, to help them get back into work and she also does some work with the charity MacMillan now as well. So, on a Friday morning, [...]

16 Dec

I’m ready for 2015… Are you? (Fast Start available)

So, I’ve just about shaken off this cold now. It really hit me for 6! I don’t usually get colds or man flu! But I’m back now… and ready for the New Year already. And my question to you today is a simple one? Are you? Are you ready for 2015? Are you ready to [...]

31 Oct

Please Chris, just make a decision…

Today, I’m going to have a bit of a rant. And it’s important that you read why, because it’ll give you an insight into the mind of someone that DOES things, and gets them done… And can spend his Friday afternoon playing golf with Dad. i.e. me! And someone that doesn’t take action, or hasn’t [...]

16 Oct

98% of the world just won’t get this…

I remember when I first started out. Looking for something, anything, that worked. I’ll admit it. I was desperate… I used to phone Victoria (now my wife) pretty much every day on my lunch break! “I can’t do this any more. This job is destroying me” (or words to that effect!). But, we had no [...]

04 Aug

What will you change today?

What will YOU change today – to ensure you succeed?… We all want success, but there are only a few that actually go out and make sure it happens to them. I’m talking about no plan B here. You are going to make it – whatever! When I first started in business I absolutely hated [...]

29 May

I started online out of desperation (my story)

Today I just wanted to share a story with you. About how I got started online. Because I think it’s very important. You might even be able to relate to this. Here we go… Before I started my journey online, I was stuck in a job that I hated. The funny thing was that I’d [...]

13 Jan

Think BIG!

Every year we set goals. Targets. Things to work towards, aim for, and achieve. I always set goals and it’s something that ONLY 5% of people in the world actually do… which I find amazing… And I’m not talking New Year’s Resolutions here. Most of those have failed within the first 10 days of a [...]

29 Oct

Give and you shall receive.

It’s an old adage, but is it true? Well, in terms of the Internet and marketing online I would have to say yes. Let me explain… You see, over the years that I’ve been an online marketer there have been times when I just go out and sell. I have a time limited offer, or [...]

19 Jul

How To Build Monthly Revenue…

I apologise for being so quiet on my blog recently. I’ve been taking it easy, making family a priority for a number of reasons and now I’m back. So here’s some of the good advice you can expect from me… Let’s get to it. One of the best changes that I made to my business [...]

31 Dec

Step-by-step… You CANNOT do this all at once…

Below is a picture of something that I have been working on for some time. It is not in any way related to marketing, the internet, a business, but in many ways is actually is! You see, for the past few months I have been clearing leaves from my garden. Not a very exciting job, [...]


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