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05 Oct

Are you putting it off?

I wanted to let you know about something that I’ve recently done. It’s something that I have talked about, thought about and even had quotes about over the last 8 or so years… But, and this is important, I never actually did anything about it!! What was it? Well, this week I had braces fitted [...]

11 Jun

Perseverance is the key…

Last week I had an email from someone on my list that made me both angry and laugh at the same time. Not something that’s easy to do!! The gist of the email was “it’s alright for you Chris, you’ve made your money.” (The email was a lot longer than that, but this is the [...]

08 Feb

Why Most People End Up Working ALL Their Lives…

Today’s post is a very important one. It’s something that I started to do a few years ago and it’s something that has enabled me to semi-retire now – in my thirties! And most people just don’t get it… or when they do “get it” it’s too late… What I’m talking about here is “investment”. [...]

03 Feb

Chris Cobb Featured on Flippa

Check this out – Flippa have just used me as a Case Study:

17 Jan

The ONLY Economy that matters right now – YOURS!

What do you see right now? Do you see doom and gloom, or do you see opportunity? If I’m honest, I see nothing but opportunity! I see now as the time to get filthy rich… and I want to explain why (and how). But first, some background. We’ve had it good. We’ve had easy lending, [...]

03 Jan

A Happy New Year message to you…

I wanted to post this message today. A little later than planned, but here we go. Victoria and I have been seeing in the new year up in the Highlands of Scotland. Lots of walks, great food and a few drinks! Anyway… enough of that. We’re already in 2012 and I wanted to let you [...]

16 Nov

The thing about the internet…

Here’s the thing that most people just don’t appreciate. They just don’t get it! The Internet, Internet Marketing, Websites and all that good stuff is powerful. It’s leverage, all boxed up and ready-to-go. It’s money on tap, it’s automated. It’s making money in your sleep… It’s all that stuff that you’ve seen (apart from making [...]

01 Apr

Key Ways To Drive More Traffic

Spring is here, warmer weather is on the way and it’s time to take CONTROL OF YOUR OWN DESTINY!  It’s massively important that we remember not to be over-reliant on affiliate traffic and JVs as this is not a business in itself. By learning to drive and control your own traffic to your business,  you [...]

17 Feb

Well it’s a busy few weeks travelling around the world for me… Right now, I’m in Florida for the Clickbank Masters Seminar. Shortly after, I’m flying onto LA and then Sydney to attend the World Internet Summit. I’m also squeezing in some personal Chris Cobb training sessions in between destinations… And then the minute I [...]

27 Jan

Wedding Present From ClickBank – Thanks Guys!

We just received these from CB and I had to post this on my blog!!


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