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    Kelly Says:

    I looking for a way to get more traffic to my webpage. I have had it for awhile and have made NO MONEY YET> can you help me

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    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Kelly,
    traffic generation is one of the keys to this business… and we use many different methods depending on the project and the product. I would need to see your existing website in order to steer you in the right direction – can you send me the link?


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    Mr. Norman L Retzer Jr. Says:

    Well I been waiting until now to talk to you. I would like to get more websites that are mine and mine to do what I want, advertise what I want. Would I be smart to take it slow. Could you tell me where to get free webs. I’m taking it slow because I’m real low on funds. The site that I do have its like rented. To me it is a small website. I think it would have great a good chance of wealth. Let me know.

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    karl Says:

    i want to get started with this but I do not have funds to do anything with right now. I am liven pay day to pay day and I am behind in my bills by one months. How can i get started? Karl

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    Frank Rush Says:

    Hi Chris.

    I’m just starting with a blog as can’t afford a web page yet. How do you post affilliate links and or banners on to the blog pages.



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    willie Cooper Says:

    Hello Mr. Cobb,
    I hope all is well, My name is Willie Cooper and I read your infromation that you have post. My question is how does this work and how can I make it work for me?

    Thanks Willie,

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    Ian Says:

    Hello Chris,

    I am new to all this and honestly I am lost! I send you an e-mail and back comes an auto response? Google snatch, websites? How does it come together? Sorry but I am totally baffled.


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    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Ian,
    There is a lot to take in, there really is… and what you need to do is to choose one particular business model or system and focus on it 100%. It is very easy to get distracted with the latest product or promotion and jump from one thing to the next. I used to do this and I still do it now – sometimes!!

    All systems will include the same basic components – something to sell online and a method to drive/get visitors to the sales page in order to get customers. There are many ways to do this, so it’s really finding the best one for you and the one that makes the most sense to you…


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    Bryan Says:

    Dear Chris

    My name is Bryan I have received several e-mail from you and to be honest I really want to do business with you. But if I do you will be the 4th thing online I have tried and the other 3 were rip offs or scams that almost got me arrested. I lost my job almost a year ago and have burned up almost all of my savings, I have a beautiful son and new born daughter and the most beautiful wife any man could ask for. I want nothing more then to give them the world and my time.
    Please, I have the money to pay to have your system sent to me, I’m not looking for a hand out what I’m is the one honest person to tell me that this is not a scam your not going to take the last bit of money my family has for food. Please I need to know that I can make this work and that I can do it fast and that its not going to take more money to get it going the way I need it to too feed my family.

    Thank you for your honesty

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    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Bryan,
    Thanks for your e-mail. I will be honest and tell you that there’s a lot of cr8p online – there are a lot of people taking advantage of people looking to make more money. It’s really one of the reasons that I decided to set-up this blog in the first place – to show you that I’m real, I walk the walk and that my team and I are here to help…

    Any more questions, just fire them over and I look forward to working with you.


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    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Willie,
    Thanks for your e-mail…

    This works in many different ways and once I show you how you will be able to set-up as many “income streams” as you like. When you boil it down to the basics, you need a product (either yours or someone elses) that is sold online through a web page. What you then need to do is to drive/send targeted traffic to this web page in order to make sales for yourself or to make commissions from other people’s products… and I can show you how this is done…

    We now have numerous income streams – based on this very simple business model.


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    Chris Cobb Says:

    This is pretty straightforward, but it depends on which blog you have set-up… Let me know and I’ll get back to you…


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    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Norman,
    In my experience free web pages and sites won’t help you. You need total control over the web page and the content in order to do this properly with your own domain, so steer clear of the free webs.

    1.) Choose a market that you want to focus on
    2.) Source a product in this market – either your own or someone else’s you can sell for commission
    3.) Start sending targeted traffic to this web page…


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    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi David,
    I know how you feel! That’s exactly where I was when I first started online…

    You need to choose one system to start with and then focus on this 100%. Let nothing else distract you from it and go for it!

    When I first started, I started very small. I used to spend around £5 a day (about $7 these days) on Google AdWords (pay per click traffic) and I built up my advertising funds with my initial profits. I recommend that you do the same – start very small and build up with profits.


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    Darren Says:

    I am about to sign up with your system Chris, as you have sent me e mails for some time. I just need to know…….roughly, initial costs. After the $19.95 thing, what else? Im assuming a website… many, and should it have video? A good website, in Canada, Toronto to be specific is around 1500.00 cdn. What other costs will I have and, in a nutshell, could you discribe the basics of your system, IE, what I will have to do in order to succeed. Looking forward to your response, as well as doing business with you, Best Wishes, Darren

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    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Darren,
    The initial costs will vary depending on your choice of business model to get started. i.e. if you want to register and host a domain name this will be more expensive than just promoting other people’s products for commission. I would suggest that you register a domain name though and this should relate to either your company name, the market you have chosen or even the product…

    Video is very powerful, if done correctly. I have a guy that I use all the time to do my videos and he’s very good. A basic handheld device is pretty cheap these days and will allow you to record your own stuff. You can then pay someone to piece it together or do this yourself if you have the time. Don’t pay too much for it though and post the work on to get this done a lot cheaper… You can set your budget this way. For an entire video, this will obviously be more expensive, but again, use for this.

    In a nutshell, the system is driving targeted traffic/visitors to web pages selling products that people truly want. i.e. products that solve problems for people. My systems allow me to monitor this traffic and see which traffic is converting into sales and which traffic is merely costing me money. For example, if you spent $1 and made $2 in return, wouldn’t you spend as many $1′s as you could?!

    Other costs would be your marketing costs, but I love “spending” this, because I know that it is returning a lot more…

    Hope this helps,

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    Hugh Says:

    Hi, Chris,

    You will see from my website that I have made an attempt at business online, but without much success. I have set it up as a squeeze page, and although I get some response, I believe the subject is too restricted and technical to be of sufficiently wide interest. I have an autoresponder set up with and would want to continue with them, making changes where needed.

    I now want to spend some real time and effort on establishing a serious business and need your help, hence I have subscribed to your scheme.

    I look forward to working with you, and following your guidance.

    Best regards,

    Hugh Dent

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    andrew smith Says:

    Hi have been very busy and trying to get my head around this program and once i managed to get access to my acount i have just got slighly over whelmed with the information at hand.first trying to understand on how to get the product on our website but for some reason not able to cut/paste to it is there some thing that i am not doing i have to pay for the google adwords/and yahoo adwords to start up the web sites because ,we have signed up with clickbank and was expecting this to be an all inclusive program so i would not need to go signing up everywhere.if i have any more questions i will let you know. Many Thanks andrew smith.

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    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Hugh,
    If you send me a link to your website, I can provide you with some specific advice on it… and where you need to go from here…

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  20. 20
    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Andrew,
    I would recommend that you take this one step at a time. This can be overwhelming if you try to do everything or too much at once. Firstly, you need to choose and focus on a market – which one did you choose and what website are you referring to?

    Let me know this and we’ll go from there…


  21. 21
    Kadeem Ali Says:

    Chris, I want to start receiving a substancial financial change, how do I go by getting everything set up?

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    Robert Dewick Says:

    Hi there Chris,

    I’m on your mailing list and I recently sent you an email message… I just read your latest message from today and thought I’d also leave a message here as well…

    I like the way you do things and for anyone who reads this message… I’m telling you now, selling products to people who actually want to buy them is the only way to go… I’d recommend that you buy Chris’ instructions and start to run the perfect business for yourself…

    No matter how many people start this type of business, there are sooooo many different products out there, there will Always be enough room for everyone…

    With that said… Chris, will you please take a look at the email I sent you yesterday… It may be the most Important Message that you read in you Entire Life…!

    Kindest Regards,

    Robert Dewick.

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    Simone Says:

    Hi Chris,

    I have had this website for three months and it has produced NO sales…. can you help me in anyway I am a newbie to marketing and seem to have lost my way….

    With Kindest regards,
    Simone Simon

  24. 24
    Pete Says:

    Hi Chris

    I recall when you started, and I have seen you to do remarkably well from there.

    Can I ask though… I see you mention that you used to just spend £5 a day
    on adwords….

    With Internet marketing being so competitive is it still possible to use cheap
    adwords ads or are many of the keywords now much more expensive than they were
    a few years ago? To get to the high ranking for Internet keywords is very expensive.
    So, do you still come up with new words to target customers?

    Can I also ask if you had previous experience in selling online… or as an affiliate with click bank… and had you already built any list before you obtained your initial product.

    I assume that maybe you did at least have some experience in copy, webdesign if you later obtained some products and paid for it all.. as setting up such a business can cost
    a few thousand pounds…. ie maybe 1 to 2 K for copy… maybe 500 to 1000 or more for webdesign
    and maybe 500 to 1500 for products.

    Do you still use adwords as much as you did or do you now use any newer google type campaigns or any other type of free traffic methods, such as articles, forum marketing, ebay , yahoo answers.

    thk you,

  25. 25
    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Simone,
    I really like the look of your website – the content is great too. Just a few thoughts below:

    1.) Remove the main header image. This does nothing to grab the readers attention.
    2.) Add a company name and/or contact address to the bottom of your sales letter – people like to know they are buying from a company/person that is real.
    3.) The payment button goes through to an email address within PayPal. This looks unprofessional and should be your name or a company name. If you upgrade your PayPal account you can change this…

    How are you sending traffic to your website?


  26. 26
    Mick Whitefield Says:

    Hi Chris
    I have an idea for a web site based business but need to do it as a JV due to funding where can I send you the basic info to see if it would be of interest to you.
    Kind regards
    Mick Whitefield

  27. 27
    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Mick,
    You can send your idea through the blog. I won’t post it as live content…


  28. 28
    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Pete,
    Keywords have got a little more expensive since I first started, but there are many ways to counteract this… I have found other ways to generate traffic, I only use keywords that convert into sales and profit and I have even put up the price of certain products to cover the additonal expense that AdWords brings. There are also ways to optimise your web page for Google that will bring down the cost of your clicks.

    When I first started, I had no list whatsoever. Everyone I speak to was in the same boat as well and I’ve met and spoken with a lot fo big names on the Internet -some you may recognise and some that are very much under the radar pulling in millions every month!

    Copywriting was also something that I learnt for myself as well. In fact, we still write all of our copy for the business… We’re looking to outsource this, but we’ve never found anyone that’s as good as us!

    Right now, we use AdWords, SEO and the cpa networks…


  29. 29
    David Thompson Says:

    Hi Chris.

    I’m thinking like Dave Thompson, positive, but seriously confused. 2 years ago, I spent close to £6,000 good money with someone you may know regarding direct marketing and web ads. I also subscribe to his monthly course and I’ve gotta say, 2 years down the road, I’m still no further forward now then I was then. I’ve also got 3 (yes 3) boxes of products with full reprint rights from same said gentleman and 1 of his senior students but without full details of how to actually market them. Since signing on with you, I’ve gotta say, (here’s your ego massage) I’ve learned more by way of more complete details regarding finding hungry niche markets then I ever have from these other 2 guys. (I refer to your Platinum club here).

    Do I doubt you’re doing the biz? uh no. Do I doubt you could show me how to do the biz? uh no. But believe me this is all very new to me even though I come from a sales background. But, if you’re prepared to teach me properly I give you my word, I will be a rock solid JV partner. I never quit not unless, there’s no viable way forward.

    Kind regards
    Dave T.

  30. 30
    andrew smith Says:

    Ive been having problems trying to promote a product from clickbank marketplace.Ive created a hoplink and on the product.But somehow it wont let me cut and paste where it says click here a href=http;//’target=top>CLICK HERE
    Ive highlighted clickhere and selected cut and then paste but nothing happens!!perhaps you can put me in the right direction please as I dont know why I can’t get any further on this Many thanks andrew smith

  31. 31
    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Andrew,
    can you let me know which product you are trying to promote and also your ClickBank ID – I can then send you your affiliate link for this product…


  32. 32
    Omid Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Can you tell me what is it that you actually sell, do etc? Are you an ad agency, marketing website? How are you generating this income? You are not making it clear what you do at all yet you send emails around saying that you want to pass on your fantastic money making ideas to everyone out there!! One would say too good to be true!! I’m not asking what your business secret is but if you tell me what is it that you do, I may welcome an opportunity to work with you. I have many viable and tested business ideas as well as being an international trade and intellectual property lawyer etc contact me via

  33. 33
    andrea Says:

    Hi Chris,
    can you help, im trying to get people to buy my products
    so that I can see some income to support my 3 wounderful kids, my self and get some things for my baby thats due in june.

    please and thank you
    God Bless You

  34. 34
    brian Says:

    youve stated in your movie that no product is needed!

    all mentioned above … talk consumer goods,, advertising and being the middle man!

    your product.. being this idea… a web scheme etc,, for a 10.00, great if you can pull in enough peps..

    Avid ‘Streetwise’ fan since 1995.. Well I would love to be rich in material wealth, and am curoius as to your prior clients.. are they online? If so could you let me know?

    Kind regards BMC.

  35. 35
    Chris Cobb Says:

    Yes, I make a lot of money promoting other people’s products for commissions… but we also have many different products in many different markets. I don’t just sell DVDs in other words ;-)


  36. 36
    Chris Cobb Says:

    Yes, let me know what it is you are trying to do/achieve and I can help you…


  37. 37
    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Omid,
    I make money online using a variety of different methods, but they all boil down to sending targeted traffic to sales pages that convert into sales. Now, these sales pages can be our own (and we have many in the weight loss, nutrition and skin care markets) or they can someone elses where I will receive commission on every sale achieved (sometimes as high as 300% commissions!!)… That’s it – in a nutshell.


  38. 38
    Vince Says:

    Hi chris
    I’m very interested in your buissness, however i can’t pay by card at the moment due to a bank error. I was wondering if i could pay by cheque. Please could you get back to me soon Thanks.


  39. 39
    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Vince,
    there is an offline payment method on the website. Did you see this?


  40. 40
    peter Says:

    got DVDs today 12-3-09 how do i get my FREEmoney making website(new to computers!)

  41. 41
    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Peter,
    you can get your FREE website here:


  42. 42
    Richard Mortimer Says:

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the posts! Good to know that IM thrives in a
    down turn!

    Its a long time since I was in contact. The question is:

    What would you like from me for you to even consider
    promoting some of my web-sites to you list?

    OK, I do have some ideas, but I would like to hear
    what you would really like.



  43. 43
    Andy Mawdsley Says:


    Many programs like yours offer good returns but only if you reside in the USA.

    Does your program offer the same returns and payment from the UK?


  44. 44
    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Richard,
    I would need to see these websites to see where they would fit in for some of our lists, or even a possible Joint Venture…


  45. 45
    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Andy,
    Yes, I live in the UK and make money from my global business. We make and receive money in both USD and GB Sterling and getting paid into a UK bank account is not a problem.


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