28 Aug

Covered in pooh at 8.22am this morning… LOL.

Friday’s are Daddy Day Care Day!

At 8am Victoria leaves to do her work with the NHS and
the various clients that she has.

She works with mentally ill people, to help them get back
into work and she also does some work with the charity
MacMillan now as well.

So, on a Friday morning, all hell breaks loose!!

And this morning was no different.

It was going swimmingly well. Until about 8.22am.

Until just after breakfast…

When Eadie (our 5 month old daughter) was not a happy

She’d finished breakfast, yet started to cry.

Not a clue, so I decided to see if a Daddy cuddle would help.

And at this point, I discovered why she wasn’t happy.

She was wet. My hands were wet…

And in a moment of panic, I discovered it was the wrong kind
of wet. It was pooh!!

All over her, all over the seat, all over my hands.

Oh sh1t!

No text book or military training can prepare you for this.

You’re on your own, no backup to call. No help within a 15 min
driving distance.

Back to the wall kind of sh1t… literally!

And do you know what?…

I managed to clear it all up, clean Eadie and make her laugh in
the process.

Not bad I thought to myself. A pat on the back (with clean hands).

I had no other choice.

Victoria wasn’t coming home until about 3.30 this afternoon!

It had to be done.

And I did it.

And we’ve had a great day, playing, reading, watching a bit of TV.
Bouncing, playing with the dogs, walking around the garden.

A real switch off for me and great Daddy-Daughter time for her.

Do I need to make the points, I’m getting at here?…

OK, for the not-so-quick, here we go.

When our backs are to the wall, it’s amazing what we can achieve.

I’m not talking about cleaning up pooh here. That’s easy.

I’m talking about putting ourselves in a position where you have
no other choice. No plan B. You’ve got to do it…

Or you go back to that job you hate.
You work the next 10-20-30 years.
You live in poverty during retirement.

Whatever your reason, whatever your drive… you know why!

It’s what I did to myself. I saw myself working that job (that I
hated) for the next 2, 5, 10 years… and I wanted OUT…

That was my plan B. And it was all the motivation I needed to
do something about it.

And the other point…

Well, it’s even more important I think. Certainly now that I’m a
Dad… and can experience it first-hand.

You see, I’m in my office right now. Writing this.

I can actually hear Eadie and Victoria playing downstairs.

I can pop down there at any moment.

And I can do this pretty much every day…

I work from home and I put my family and my lifestyle first.

So many parents just run around all week, working for
someone else.

Spend the weekend recovering… only to do it all again.

I mean, seriously. Why?

It’s because they have no idea. No clue there is another
way. Like I didn’t, until I started searching.

Until I found the internet…

Until I found the way out.

And I’ll share the EXACT system with you below. If you’re
ready that is. I’ll leave that part up to you…

Talk soon,



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