29 Oct

Give and you shall receive.

It’s an old adage, but is it true?

Well, in terms of the Internet and marketing online I would have to say yes.

Let me explain…

You see, over the years that I’ve been an online marketer there have been times when I just go out and sell.

I have a time limited offer, or a certain number of products or places that need filling.

And this can often be a full-blown sales pitch when this happens.

Very little content. It’s all about the urgency, the limited number of places/products… and the sale.

And, this is not a bad thing.

Every now and then you can do this.

But, what you ALSO need to do is to send value to your list.

So, if it’s a marketing list, marketing help and advice.

If it’s a weight loss list, then tips and advice on weight loss.

Bottom line is that you can’t just sell to your list – all of the time.

You need to be adding value… and that value is what creates relationships.

It’s what creates the open rate (the number of people actually opening your emails and reading them!)…

And ultimately click-throughs on your links.

A good example of this is my blog. It is adding value, it is telling a story… it is also training and educating readers, rather than selling.

So, if you don’t have a blog in your chosen market or field then you really should have one.

It’s a great way to build relationships with people, keep them informed about your latest offer, or even the limited number of products/places!…

But done in the right way.

You can still build a list and point your list to the blog… and when they like what they read they will read more.

When they read more, they will click on your links and buy.

Give… and you shall receive.

We are using wordpress for this blog, but we have found a much easier/better blogging platform to use and you can have a look at all of the information about this here:

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