29 May

I started online out of desperation (my story)

Today I just wanted to share a story with you.

About how I got started online.

Because I think it’s very important.

You might even be able to relate to this.

Here we go…

Before I started my journey online, I was stuck in a job that I hated.

The funny thing was that I’d worked my way up, always thinking it would change when I got that promotion.

And got that job title that I’d been dreaming of!

But it didn’t…

In fact, it was worse!

Longer hours, more hassle and I remember numerous lunch breaks where I would tell Victoria that I just couldn’t carry on.

“I couldn’t do this job anymore!”

But we were stuck.

We had bills to pay, mortgages, credit cards to service… the usual stuff of a 9-5 employed person.

And it’s this desperation that prompted me to start looking elsewhere.

Looking around at anything and everything.

And I started buying systems, business models, you name it I bought it and tried it!

Not knowing who to trust, no knowing what was BS and what was real…

I just went blindly at it… and bought everything!

Until I discovered this thing called Internet Marketing…

And things began to change.

I could actually SEE this business model working.

Even before it had started to work for me.

And as a result…

My mindset changed.

I had belief that I could actually change my life, control my life.

You know, the kind of care-free belief that we have as a kid… and then somehow lose as “real life” takes hold!

Bills, job, mortgages, debt. You know… That stuff.

But this was different. I had my belief, drive and goals back…

And I got started. I setup websites, started to sell products, make money, pay off debts.

I kept it very quiet at first. I didn’t want people to know…

I didn’t know how they’d react either.

And then I couldn’t hide it!

Flash cars, new houses, amazing holidays.

It all happened so fast.

And I made a mistake!

I started to spend it, as fast as I was making it.

Understandable of course, but something that I now teach to my new students as well.

When you start making money, make it work for you.

Put your money to work.

Yes, enjoy it. But don’t spend it all!

It’s something that I have learnt and now pass on.

And right now, I’m sat here writing this to you in a fantastic hotel room.

I’m away right now. I travel a lot… and take my business with me whenever I do travel.

It’s a great way to run a business and even better…

I’ve just received an email telling me about a $1,200 commission I’ve just made and that’s cool.

Look, here it is. I’ve blanked out a few bits in the email for security. I’m the UK to explain the time that came in as well…

$1,200 commission just came in!

I make a lot of these right now…

The internet has changed. It’s got a lot easier if you ask me.

But the problem for most is that they don’t know who to trust, which system to buy…

Or, maybe you’ve already bought into lots of systems that just haven’t worked (like I did when I first started).

It’s very common. It’s nothing to be ashamed about.

What you must NOT do is quit. You must keep going, believing in your dream to change your life.

That’s what sets us apart… Not quitting.

And with this in mind, I want to help you.

Help you to get started online, no matter what your experience or starting point.

The length of this email should show you that I care about you.

Don’t you receive loads of short, hypey messages every day? I know I do. They don’t care about you.

They just want you to buy the latest product they are promoting!

Only to promote the next latest thing the following day!

Not me. I want to help you.

I spend my time testing new systems, new methods and new business models so that I can share these with you.

To create success stories.

And right now, I want to get you started with mttb.

I’m making huge commissions with this.

And I’m looking for 10 new students to work with on this right now.

We will be working personally with you – to ensure you get up and running so we’re going to have to limit this to 10…

All of the information is on the page below from Matt:

Any questions, let me know…

And I’ll get back to you asap.


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