16 Dec

I’m ready for 2015… Are you? (Fast Start available)

So, I’ve just about shaken off this cold now.

It really hit me for 6!

I don’t usually get colds or man flu! But I’m back now… and ready for the New Year already.

And my question to you today is a simple one?

Are you? Are you ready for 2015?

Are you ready to make this year (2015) your best ever?…

I have so much planned for the New Year.

So many new projects, additions to what I’m already doing and some cool announcements to come over the next few days and weeks as well.

So, look out for those (all very exciting stuff!).

But, let me bring you right up to date with what I’ve been able to achieve this year.

Because a lot of what I do I don’t tend to shout about too much.

There are some headline figures and numbers that I tell people about – with regard to specific income streams…

But what I do behind the scenes is where the magic happens!

It’s how I’ve been able to build a property portfolio of 31 properties in my spare time…

And how I balance short, medium and long-term income streams by design – lifestyle design.

But, more on this another time.

What I want to tell you about in this email is how I generate income online.


How I managed to pull in $85k in one month, working on my own, with no staff.

And then, the following month, over $72k in just one weekend!

(With sales still coming in from that weekend.)

You see, I have designed my business to run the way I want it to.

I don’t sit in my office all day, every day, answering phones, speaking to staff, making things happen!

No way!

That was my previous life. A life that I hated – where my phone would rarely stop ringing. Even when I was on holiday.

So when I started my own online business I built it and “designed it” with lifestyle in mind…

It hasn’t always gone to plan and just a short time ago I found myself creating a bit of a monster – with staff, overheads and even an office!

But I very quickly moved away from that model when I noticed what was happening. (Easily done if you don’t follow the design.)

It wasn’t what I wanted at all… and I realised it in time.

And I went back to my lifestyle model.

One where I was free to live my life on my terms and pull in money from the internet – on demand!

Which I’d like to show you. And share with you.

And right now, I’m looking to design your business for 2015.

Whether you have time, little time or no time to get started…

Whether you can start small or start big.

I can work with you and design the right business for you.

$1k per month, $10k per month or even $100k per month businesses.

I’ve run them all and I work with students and lots of colleagues that do these numbers as well…

But it’s important that we design the business first.

It’s no good making these numbers if you don’t enjoy it.

If you have don’t have time to enjoy it!

Or, if you can’t replicate it many times over…

So, let’s have a chat this week, design your ideal home-based business for 2015…

And then get you started – ready for the New Year.

Click on this link to open up my Fast Start Consultation form. Complete the form and then I’ll schedule a call with you asap.

Right now, I’m looking to work with just 10 people on this. So make sure you do this right now…

And we can then speak this week to design your business, your income streams and your 2015.


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