Check out the Australia Nov 2010 video – click here


Here’s our latest video - check out how remote the Lodge in Scotland was!


(Click here to see the long version of the video as well…)

Now, here’s the REALLY cool thing about this video, this trip, and Internet Marketing:

While I was away… in Scotland… with no phone signal, no internet and really very little access to the outside world… my business MADE $19,004.98 (approx £11k) while I was away…

Not turnover, not “brought in”, this was PURE PROFIT!


You’ll see my old Jeep in the video above. It didn’t quite cut it off-road, so as soon as I got back from Scotland I bought this…

A supercharged 4.2 Range Rover Sport (we have converted it to run on LPG!)


I have just added a video from our recent trip to Santorini, Greece. To see this video CLICK HERE 


TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP NOW and watch our Canada Skiing Trip video below…

Brought to you by Chris Cobb and the
AIS System Team

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View our South Africa Video here…

(I didn’t do the bungee jump, but Tor did!!)

A special thanks to Geran Ellish of Shamwari, who we are now working with

(selling his safari pictures online)

View our recent skiing trip in France. We were actually with 5 other people, but this is the short version with just myself and Tor… Turn your speakers up – you’ll love the music!


9 Responses to “Lifestyle”

  1. 1
    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Todd,
    I recommend that you take out my free trial to my Home Study Course here:

    This will show you some of the things that we do and will also take you through every step required to get things set-up and started online.


  2. 2
    Kaamajakaaya Says:

    thanks !! very helpful post!

  3. 3
    Graphic Designer Says:

    Hi Chris,

    I just ordered your free trial to the Home Study Course.

    I’m hoping that it can keep me on track to making it big online. I get so many business ideas! I can get a website up, SEO’d and the initial marketing done in less than a day… But then, I get distracted by the next idea.

    I have about 13 websites up right now, but I’m only making a few hundred a month. This needs to change, like yesterday. :)

    I’ve been studying/practicing internet marketing and design stuff for over 10 years. There are plenty of times when I get very discouraged, but I have this dream and I won’t give up – I will make it like you someday!

    I’m a single Mom and have recently lost 3/4 of my income, so the push is really on me now.

    Anyway, sorry for rambling on.. I look forward to receiving your package. I really like the idea of a tangible home study course. There are so many distractions online for me.

    Have a great day!


  4. 4
    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Lisa, yes… It’s quite a common mistake that people make – to either get distracted or to buy the latest/next project that’s just come out. Focus on the Home Study Course and this will show you everything that you need to get started… Chris

  5. 5
    martin Says:

    Hi, is it really true you make this money ? and how does the program work ? what are you doing that is able to give you so much money.. where is this money coming from ?

  6. 6
    Chris Cobb Says:

    Hi Martin,
    I sell products online – both my own products and other people’s products… and in a number of different markets as well.

    To get started you really need to get the FREE Trial module 1 – here:


  7. 7
    Gordon Youd Says:

    Hi, Chris, %$&^^*% x$2*!), sorry for the swearing, but..Scotland….Africa…. Oh well, one day my site will make some money.

    Regards, Gordon.

  8. 8
    Simon Bell Says:

    Wow it looks like you’ve had some pretty amazing trips away! Does your new Range Rover cope better off road?

    All the best

  9. 9
    Chris Cobb Says:

    Yes, the Rangie is a lot better. It’s being converted to run on LPG at the moment so it will be a bit greener as well! The Jeep was good, but I couldn’t adjust the ride height, which meant I grounded it a few times!!


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