17 Jan

The ONLY Economy that matters right now – YOURS!

What do you see right now?

Do you see doom and gloom, or do you see opportunity?

If I’m honest, I see nothing but opportunity!

I see now as the time to get filthy rich… and I want to explain why (and how).

But first, some background.

We’ve had it good. We’ve had easy lending, we’ve had “stupid” self certification mortgages and credit that pretty much anyone could get…

Most people took advantage and it’s time to pay it back.

If you didn’t, or if you spent the money on stuff that didn’t make you money, then kick yourself and then read on… All is not lost.

Right now, there are bargains to be had. Stocks, shares, properties, even businesses!… ripe for the picking…

Harsh? Insensitive?

Possibly, but I don’t care.

This website and the list that you have subscribed to are all about making money, so this is what I will be talking about. If you don’t like it, then you can go and subscribe to other lists and let them promote useless ebooks and systems to you!

(Not sure where that rant came from, but it’s off my chest now!)

And now I come to the point of this post.

What you NEED to be doing with your money right now. One word:


Not necessarily in the traditional sense of the word though. Let me explain…

When I first started online, I invested in some training, some products that I could sell and then TRAFFIC. It was one huge investment, most of which I did on a credit card.

So, when I say investing, I invested in training, something to sell and then people to sell it to – in the form of traffic.

And what a great investment that turned out to be!

But it doesn’t and it shouldn’t stop there…

You see, over the years I have seen many people make huge amounts of money, only to squander it, spend it, invest it badly or just screw it up and lose it!

And I’m talking six and seven figure a month businesses here.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent/wasted money in the past myself… I’ve just grown up a lot since then.

And what we do now is very powerful…

I still have my online businesses. I call this my “core business”. But, through this business I am now able to invest in other things – other money-making ventures and even new businesses.

So, what we have now is a business that makes me money. I take this money and invest in property for example. The monthly income that is generated is then invested into another venture or business to grow and grow.

They key here is that much of these income streams are passive. One investment that I started just last week only needed investment from my part. It’s already making £2,500 per month and I plan on doubling this and then doubling it again over the next 4 months.

So, if you haven’t already seen what’s going on:

1.) I make money online
2.) I invest in property through the income that I make online
3.) Profits from property are then reinvested in more property or other ventures…

Making money from the money that I’m making!

And because I make money just one of these ventures will be able to make £120k this year alone, just because I have the money to invest!

From JUST ONE income stream…


And this is a completely passive income stream… and nothing to do with the core business.

If you want to find out how the core business works, how the investments work or if you want to start investing in property just like we do, then contact me through this site or via email.

But for now, the message is short and sweet.

You need to start investing in you. Even if it’s a small amount to start with, make a commitment to start. It can be in anything really, the only criteria is that it MUST make money for you.

Start, start today… It’s amazing where this can take you.

Oh, and if you want to see some pics of my new car I’ve just posted these on this site as well!

It’s a new Aston Martin DBS… paid for from the money that I made, invested, invested and invested again…

Best Wishes,


One Response to “The ONLY Economy that matters right now – YOURS!”

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    Gary Aiken Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Congrats on the new car … I’ve now got a pic of it as my desktop background thanks :-)

    Anyway I can totally agree with your methods as I know they work and your ‘process’ is my goal too and I am part way towards getting things in place.

    Thanks to your help and guidance in the past!

    I know I’ve been a bit quiet since our last meeting at the Heathrow AIS Seminar but 2012 is now planned out for me to get going in earnest.

    Just awaiting the outcome to a major shift in those plans and after a 3 hour meeting today it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel at last :-)



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